WTIDC Internship Opportunity

WTIDC Internship
You’ve worked hard. Studied extensively. Taken countless exams. Now it’s time to put your knowledge to work in an exciting and challenging career. WTIDC offers exciting career opportunities where you can do just that.
WTIDC offers students in good academic standing opportunities for gaining real-life work experience and applying their education in professional work environments, bridging the gap between students and working professionals.
Explore WTIDC and become part of a team that continues to break down technology barriers and redefine excellence. Ready. Set. Go!
WTIDC recruits highly motivated students and recent graduates from undergraduate or graduate degree programs or technical training schools in the following disciplines:
◾Accounting / Finance / Economics / Business Management
◾Information Technology / Computer Science
◾Engineering / STEM / Project Management
WTIDC Internship Partnership Program
The WTIDC offers up a college summer intern position that is available to Tribal Member college students that have successfully completed a minimum of three years at college. The Summer Intern Program is designed to bring Tribal students back to Tribal companies to learn, participate, contribute and engage in the many functions of tribally owned businesses sponsored by the WTIDC.
All interns must be able to pass a Criminal Background check, pre-employment drug-screen, and hold a valid driver’s license with no insurability issues, prior to hiring.
Important dates:
◾Application deadline: March 24, 2017
◾Preliminary interviews: April 10-14, 2017
◾Final selection /notification to final candidate: May 1, 2017
◾Internship period: June, 2017
◾Wichita Tribal Enterprises, LLC – Houston, TX
◾Lodging is provided by WTIDC/WTE for duration of internship
To apply for an internship with the WTIDC please complete an application. You will need the following information:
•Basic contact information
•Tribe enrollment number
•Contact information for three professional references
•Cover letter
•Personal statement addressing the following:
•Why are you applying for an internship?
•How did your interest in your chosen field develop?
•What do you hope to learn from this internship?
•What do you see as your strengths?
•What are your career goals/aspirations?
•What useful skills and qualities can you offer to effectively contribute to the organization?
•Where have you demonstrated these strengths/skills
To learn more about an internship with WTIDC, contact Cynthia Billy, WTIDC Economic Development Director, by phone (405) 247-5009 or by email at cbilly@wtidc.net.


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